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Working in confined spaces – what you should know

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What constitutes ‘A Confined Space’?
What are the dangers that may arise?
Consider the effect of Confined Spaces on workers
Responsibilities of an employer
Safe systems of work
Preparing emergency arrangements
Keeping records
European CEN standards


Stephen Burke,

Training Director, British Safety Services

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People are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces every year; yet it is often the ‘poor relation’ when company management sits down to consider safety issues. It is important to read through all legislation related to working in confined spaces and understand how this applies to your organisation. Your life and that of others could depend on it. Where a risk assessment has been undertaken which identifies risks of serious injury from work being done by anyone in a confined space, international standards and best practice require certain actions. In a nutshell, these key duties are to avoid entry to confined spaces whenever possible by doing the work from the outside, however if entry is unavoidable, follow a safe system of work and put in place adequate emergency arrangements before the work starts.

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