About the Insitute of Environmental Management and Assessment

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) is the professional membership body for promoting best practice standards in environmental management, auditing and assessment for all industry sectors.

The Institute offers ongoing support to environmental professionals and aims to promote sustainability through improved environmental practice and performance. With a membership over 15,000 individual and corporate members based in 83 countries, IEMA is now the leading international membership-based organisation dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development, and to the professional development of individuals involved in the environmental profession, whether they be in the public, private or non-governmental sectors.

IEMA Training Courses delivered by BSS

IEMA training courses are a range of high quality training courses for people with environmental responsibilities in their workplace. BSS offers IEMA health and safety training.

For a full list of our IEMA training courses see list below:

IEMA Associate Certificate Course in Environmental Management