NEBOSH International General Certificate

Course Description


The course is appropriate for staff that have received little or no formal, structured training, or who wish to acquire an internationally recognised qualification. Included in this group are those managers who may hold the company position of safety advisor as part of their duties.Many companies are now taking the concept of incorporating the International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health course as an integral feature of their development programme, with the principle objective of increasing management awareness of their responsibility. Such training has the effect of ensuring both legal compliance and reducing the costs of accidents and ill health at work.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

  • identify common and obvious hazards in the workplace, and be able to recommend remedial actions;
  • investigate accidents (including near misses), and make logical, cost-effective recommendations to prevent recurrence;
  • identify the main items of health and safety legislation and/or best practice that apply to workplaces;
  • recognise the human and organisational problems that must be overcome to achieve a safe and healthy environment;
  • use information sources to advise managers on safety matters.

Course Style

The primary method of learning will be via guided study and assignments to develop the knowledge and skills required for the final assessment. Considerable use will be made of videos and slide shows. Homework will be set at the end of every day, which will require 45-90 minutes study per evening.Delegates’ progress will be monitored through continuous assessment and evening work.


All participants will be required to carry out a 30 minute inspection of a real workplace area, after which they will be given 90 minutes to prepare a written report on their findings, using a report form provided, covering the hazards observed and remedial action recommended.A written examination in the form of two individual papers will be sat on the final day, Part 1 a.m., Part 2 p.m.. Both papers are of 2 hours’ duration.

The course tutors will mark the practical test reports in accordance with NEBOSH criteria and NEBOSH will mark the two written papers. Results will normally be advised within 10 weeks of examination date by NEBOSH.

Unlike most of our competitors, we are happy and proud to be judged by our results, not with vague statements BUT WITH FACTS! In 2007, (98 candidates), BSS students achieved the following, (please see our competitors UK Local Pass Rate, Jan – Mar 2006 in brackets), BSS overall pass rate: 81%, (75%), of which BSS Distinction 14%, (11%), Credits 47%, (25%).

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10 days

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Please note: The fee includes an additional fee of £105 payable to NEBOSH for the examination