Working Safely at Height – method, equipment and training are top priorities!


As the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and a major cause of accidents at work, Working at Heights presents many and varied problems, but they can be overcome by ensuring all workers are properly trained in method and usage of the correct equipment for the task.

The following report in May 2010 on a recent accident, which could have happened in any country, illustrates the consequences which could happen if a firm doesn’t stick to safety recommendations for working at heights.
A technician fell through the roof of a water pumping station in Cambridge, England, resulting in a fractured vertebra, and as a result a water services company and its sub contractor were fined.
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The technician fell through an unmarked fragile roof light, whilst recording data from a rain gauge on the top of a pumping station and suffered a debilitating fracture, with ongoing employment implications.
The company failed to ensure the health and safety of those working near unmarked fragile skylights, where skylight protection or personal protective equipment could so easily have been provided
This is happening all too frequently the world over. The company concerned failed to adequately identify the risks associated with working at height and as a result suffered a significant financial penalty.
A Government Safety Inspector stated, “Incidents such as this particular fall are entirely avoidable. Falling from height is one of the most obvious and well-known dangers for those working on roofs, and at all times fall prevention systems should be installed, and used by trained personnel working on the roof

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