CITB - Construction Skills Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) (for German contractors)

Course Description

Aim To provide and establish an acceptable level of understanding, by course members, of the duties and responsibilities of those at work and others. Also their interaction with the enforcing authorities. Objectives Upon completion of this module, course members should be able to: 1. describe the general background of health and safety legislation in the building, construction and civil engineering industry 2. understand the various roles played by enforcing authorities and consultation with employees 3. describe the responsibilities of those concerned with the implementation of health and safety legislation 4. recognise their legal, moral and social obligations to maintain a healthy and safe site in the context of risks at work and welfare standards 5. understand the roles that others have for health and safety at work, e.g. clients, designers, contractors and subcontractors

This course has been successfully undertaken by many German contractors as we have experienced bi-lingual staff.

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CITB - Construction Skills - CSkills


5 days

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