New Strategic Alliance with RRC Offers More Health and Safety Courses


British Safety Services has established a strategic alliance with RRC International. Our new partnership will allow us to offer a wider range of health and safety training courses to professionals around the world.

While BSS already provides a vast selection of occupational safety courses, RRC offers additional  training that is not currently in our catalogue – and vice versa. Now, RRC students will have access to our SPA and FAA certification training, and BSS students will be able to take part in NVQ and IOA training courses from RRC. With RRC’s help, the BSS catalogue of occupational training courses continues to increase – but our prices will remain the same.

Our new strategic alliance will allow for cross-promotion of BSS and RRC health and safety training courses. As such, professionals will have access to a more comprehensive collection of occupational safety training, and they will be able to enroll in the courses required for them to obtain fire safety certification, oil and gas health and safety certification and other international health and safety accreditations.

“We are pleased to have formed this mutually-beneficial relationship with BSS. RRC looks forward to expanding our already extensive selection of occupational training courses,

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