CSCS Workers Required To Obtain New Labourer Green Card

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Since 1 July 2014, CSCS introduced a new qualification and identification card called the ‘Labourer’ Green Card. Labourers on any site that operates the CSCS Carding system must obtain this card to confirm that they have met the training and examination requirements of the scheme.

In order to qualify for the CSCS Green Card, candidates must also complete the CSCS Health Safety and Environment Touch Screen test

The CSCS Green Construction Site Operative (CSO) Card has been discontinued, so you will not be able to renew this card after it expires. If your existing Green Card expires after 1 July 2014, then your CSO card will stay valid until its expiry date.

To obtain the new Green Labourer’s Card, workers must complete the CITB – Construction Skills Health & Safety Awareness (HSA) training course from the Site Safety Plus range of courses. It is a one-day program that provides advice and guidance on common safety hazards on construction sites. By the end the course, delegates will be knowledgeable about how to minimise the risk of injury while working.

For more information on how you can qualify for the new CSCS Labourer Green Card, visit our CITB training course page or give us a call at 0121 314 1828.

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