NEBOSH Award in Health & Safety at Work (Level 2)

Course Description


This 3 day qualification is aimed at managers and supervisors and similar roles, and offers a general introduction into workplace health and safety. It is an ideal preparatory course for those intending to progress onto the NEBOSH International General Certificate.

Course Aims

The course is appropriate for staff that have received little or no formal, structured training, or who wish to acquire an internationally recognised qualification.Many companies are now taking the concept of incorporating internationally recognized NEBOSH courses as an integral feature of their management development programme, with the principal objectives of increasing management awareness of its responsibility, ensuring both legal compliance and reducing the costs of accidents and ill health at work.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

    • identify common and obvious hazards in the workplace, and be able to recommend remedial actions;
    • investigate accidents (including near misses), and make logical, cost-effective recommendations to prevent recurrence;
    • identify the main items of health and safety legislation that apply to workplaces;;
    • recognise the human and organisational problems that must be overcome to achieve a safe and healthy environment;
    • use information sources to advise managers on safety matters.;

Course Content

      The course comprises 2 units;

Unit WHS1: Workplace Safety Foundations

    • Element 1: Foundations of Health & Safety.;
    • Element 2: Responsibility for Health & Safety.;
    • Element 3: Health & Safety Risk Assessment and Control.;
    • Element 4: Work Equipment Health & Safety.;
    • Element 5: Transport Safety.;
    • Element 6: Electrical Safety.;
    • Element 7: Fire Safety.;
    • Element 8: Manual Handling and Repetitive Activities.;
    • Element 9: Hazardous Substances.;
    • Element 10: Health & Safety in the Working Environment.;
    • Unit WHS2: Risk Assessment Activity.;
    • This involves the student conducting a risk assessment on a workplace task that with which they are familiar. A completed risk assessment will be handed in to the tutor upon course completion for marking.

Course Style

    • The primary method of learning will be via guided study and exercises to develop the knowledge and skills required for the final assessment.
    • Considerable use will be made of videos and slide shows.
    • Homework will be set at the end of every day, which will require 45-90 minutes work per evening on aspects of their risk assessment project.
    • Delegates’ progress will be monitored through continuous assessment and evening work.


      • All participants will be required to carry out a risk assessment of a task with which they are familiar within their workplace area, and will consider the hazards present, people affected and remedial action recommended.
      • A further one hour, 40 question, multiple-choice examination will be sat on the final day.
      • The pass mark on both elements of the assessment is 60% and the grade awarded is either pass or fail. Re-sits will be available for those that fail.
      • The course tutors will mark the risk assessments in accordance with NEBOSH criteria and NEBOSH will mark the multiple-choice examination paper. Results will be advised within one month of the examination date by NEBOSH.

This course is also known as NEBOSH Level 2

Reference Material

    • Each delegate will receive a course manual, which is designed to follow and complement the NEBOSH syllabus. In addition BSS reference books will be available for individual and group work.

Recommended Reading

    • Introduction to Health and Safety at Work: The Handbook for Students on NEBOSH and other Introductory Health and Safety Courses by Phil Hughes and Ed Ferrett.
    • ISBN-10: 0750666234. Typical cost: £30.00;

Please Note

  • This course is run in conjunction with Rapid Results College (RRC) and is also available on a day release basis, for which it is extended to 5 days
  • Please feel free to call us to discuss your specific needs.

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Please note: This fee includes an additional fee of £45 paid to NEBOSH for the examination

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