IRCA QMS Internal Auditor (ISO 9001)

Course Description

This is an ideal entry level auditing course. A highly interactive and engaging two day event that will help anyone interested in using the internal audit as a tool for continual business process improvement. It will introduce you to the concepts of auditing for conformance, risk and process effectiveness, and equip you with the skills and techniques to produce incisive, reliable and value adding audit reports. This course has a strong bias towards process auditing and continual improvement. It is designed for those of you that see auditing as an integral business improvement activity and part of a cohesive overall quality strategy

What you will learn

You will learn how to plan, conduct, report and follow up the results of internal audits. You will learn how to use the audit tool as an integral component in the continual improvement process, and appreciate the important relationships between auditing, operational efficiency and improvement planning. The course will introduce you to “Plan – Do – Check – Act” methodology and help you to understand how this fundamental cornerstone of continual improvement should be inextricably linked to the work of the internal auditor. The course will also introduce you to a range of different auditing situations and equip you with the ability to apply the right skills to the right context. This will include audits of internal procedures, audits to establish conformance to external standards and customer requirements, procedural audits and process audits


The techniques and disciplines of:

  • Audit planning, including the construction and use of checklists
  • Performing the audit, including conducting interviews and following document trails, process auditing and procedural auditing
  • Audit report writing and feedback techniques
  • Following up the results of audits and how to use the results to drive continual improvement

The course will introduce you to the following cornerstones Quality Management:

  • The Principles of Quality Management
  • Plan – Do – Check – Act methodology

This course is delivered in partnership with Capable People

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