CITB - Construction Skills Achieving Behavioural Change - (ABC)

Course Description

Course Aims

The recently launched Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC) course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of how attitude, behaviour, communication and worker engagement at all levels can help prevent the chances of accidents occurring. For this course to be successful it is important that attendees come from all levels within an organisation i.e. Managers, Supervisors and Operatives.


In July 2003 the Government funded Jobcentre Plus project was in difficulty. The ambitious, programme planned to rebrand and refurnish over 900 former Jobcentre and Social Security offices across Great Britain with values of individual contracts ranging from £150K to £3M. There were problems with adequate surveys, issues with co-ordination and uncertainty about how well health and safety risks were being managed and reported.The client took a decision to establish an integrated team to run the programme, bringing in secondees from industry. Partnership became a reality as contractors and suppliers began to work in collaboration and standards of health and safety were embedded. The ‘Achieving Behavioural Change’ (ABC) training course was a key part of improving the performance of the project. The client found that a real benefit of this course was that everyone who attended it required only a short site-specific induction briefing before starting work.

Project achievements

  • Accident Incident Rate (AIR) nearly 10 ten times lower than the construction industry average.
  • Cost savings of 24% over the 2003 projections
  • Quality of finished product that exceeded client expectations
  • Over 900 projects completed without one claim and / or trade dispute
  • Over 10,000 operatives, supervisors and managers trained on the course
  • Regional contractors who have changed the way they work
  • Exemplary standards encouraging continuous improvement by worker involvement
  • Over 1.6m working hours without a RIDDOR accident.

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to enable delegates by the end of the course to:

  • list the basic legal duties of employers and employees
  • define hazards, risks and control measures
  • list possible causes of accidents
  • appreciate the link between attitude and behaviour
  • appreciate the costs of poor safety performance
  • appreciate the benefits of good safety performance
  • putting ABC into practice using the STAARR and TASK card
  • successfully complete the course assessment.

Course Content

The main areas covered by the syllabus are:

  • Introduction and legal duties
  • Hazard, risk and control and causes of accidents
  • Attitude, behaviour, communication and worker engagement
  • Benefits of getting it right and achieving the ABC goal
  • Syndicate exercises using STAARR and / or TASK card

Course Details

Timetable: 0900 – 1230 and 1300 – 1700
Venue: The course will be held at a suitable venue provided by the client. To include flip chart, OHP and screen, TV and VCR.
Handout: Each candidate receives a comprehensive workbook.

Delegate Numbers

The maximum number of delegates allowed on a course is twenty. In order to ensure delegates share experiences and learning skills during group exercises and discussions, the minimum number recommended is six delegates.


The examination paper is compulsory and consists of nine questions incorporating a maximum of 25 answers, covering all aspects of the course. The pass mark is 18/25. If any delegates have failed the test, they are gives an opportunity to identify if the delegate has misread or misinterpreted any questions. If the delegate is unable to answer correctly once the meaning of questions has been clarified, then they will have failed the test. If the delegate fails the course test then they must take the whole course again. There are no re-sits.

Course Details

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CITB - Construction Skills - CSkills


1 day

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