Carbon Monoxide, the Silent Killer


Two 18-year-olds have died following a suspected carbon monoxide leak while on holiday this summer in an apartment in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Their deaths highlight the dangers of carbon monoxide gas, which has no smell, is colourless and tasteless, and so is known as the silent killer. According to BBC Health, in the UK, about 50 people die each year in their homes from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.
The boys who have died were Aaron Davidson and Neil McFerran, both in Newtownabbey. An investigation has begun at the holiday flat where the teenagers died.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is preventable, so it’s important to be aware of possible causes and how to minimise the risk of exposure by putting these safety tips into practice:
• Have chimneys and flues checked regularly
• Make sure gas appliances and heating systems are inspected every year by a competent engineer
• Fit carbon monoxide alarms – these are similar to smoke detectors and are available from most DIY stores
• Install, maintain and check carbon monoxide alarms regularly
• Never run cars, motorbikes or lawnmowers in a closed garage
• Ensure all new gas equipment is installed by a competent engineer
You can also prevent serious consequences by learning to spot the warning signs. Carbon monoxide poisoning may be a possibility if:
• Other people in the home or workplace suffer similar symptoms
• Symptoms tend to disappear when you go away (for example, on holiday)
• Symptoms tend to be seasonal (for example, headaches during the winter when indoor heating is used more often)
Treatment includes making sure the patient is away from any source of the gas, providing basic life support as appropriate and giving oxygen before transferring the patient to hospital.

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